Tue 3 Apr20:00

Ashley Storrie - Adulting - Bath Comedy Festival

Scotland’s favourite funny girl and viral internet sensation Ashley Storrie returns to Bath with a brand-new show about not growing up.
With the world most likely ending quite soon, Ashley believes we should all just have a laugh and be a bit more honest, particularly about the myth of "adulthood"...
Nobody really grows up, we’re all just great at pretending!
"A total revelation" - Dawn French
"Brutally funny" - The Scotsman
**** The List
**** The Sunday Mail
**** Broadway Baby
**** One4Review.com
**** The Wee Review
Tickets £9/£7
Tue 3 Apr21:30

Janey Godley - Godley's Cream - 20 Years And Counting - Bath Comedy Festival

20 years of fringe shows, 20 years of touring and so many stories. From LA to New York to Newcastle and Glasgow.
The Godmother of Scottish Comedy, chief Trump annoyer and all round Glasgow mouth piece brings her show to Bath.
Lots of old stories and plenty of new material to keep the punters gripped in their seats.
"Who else got jailed for possessing guns?" - Janey Godley
"Her shows have sold out globally, she's a social media influencer, podcaster and best selling author, but crap at organising a fridge or hanging up washing" - her Husband Mr Storrie
"The queen of Scottish comedy" - Edinburgh Evening News
"Sharpest-elbowed comedy in the world" - New York Times
"Fuc*king great comedian" - Billy Connolly
Sold out shows every year at Glasgow Comedy Fest and Edinburgh Fringe
Tickets £10
Wed 4 Apr18:30

Joey Page - Perhaps Under Stars That Would Stretch Forever - Bath Comedy Festival

An idiot trys to make sense of the universe in under an hour. What is the point of all this? (Life) Are there parallel universes and if so what are they like? Want to learn everything you ever need to know about the universe through the medium of an idiot? (Yes) Is the world ending? (Probably) Is Jupiter a bell-end? (Definitely!)
Joey Page is a boy with a washing machine-esque brain. Watch him make sense of the entire universe in under an hour (59 minutes).
Stop press: Nominated for Best Comedy at Perth Fringe 2018
"Spaced out magical humour" ***** Three Weeks
"fans of the surreal and ridiculous will love this" **** Chortle
"a cheeky master of his craft" **** Austrailia Times
"A head like a fantasy Hand grenade" - Noel Fielding
**** The Scotsman
**** Edfestmag
**** Edfringereview
Tickets £8
Wed 4 Apr20:00

Sally-Anne Hayward - Um...I Was Talking About You Not To You - Bath Comedy Festival

Sally's had a gut full of fabricated food allergies. Her irritated bowel's not down to wheat intolerance - it turns out she's just intolerant.
A liberating diagnosis, as she can now legitimately embrace her bitchier side; so watch out fussy eaters, over-sharers, and definitely that busy-body of a neighbour who's not returned a single one of her home produced surveys on local off street parking.
"Warm and very funny" - Sarah Millican
"Extremely funny" - The Independent
Tickets £9/£7
Wed 4 Apr21:30

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd - Home Sweet Home - Bath Comedy Festival

The debut hour from the next big thing in Scottish comedy. As heard on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 4extra.
"A charming young comic. Well-honed and well-delivered material." -The Scotsman
"Following in the footsteps of Kevin Bridges" - ITV
"A comedian on the ascent. The personal and political housed seamlessly." - The Skinny
"On the cusp of something big, and you don't want to miss it." - Daily Record
Tickets £8
Thu 5 Apr18:30

Rachel Parris - Keynote - Bath Comedy Festival

Rachel has been invited to be a guest speaker at her old school, but what kind of a role model is she really? Through stand-up, character and musical comedy, she explores what messed up message she can possibly offer to impressionable young minds.
Rachel is an award-winning musical comic whose songs have been played on BBC Radio 4, BBC 6 Music and who was listed in the BBC's Hot Talent List 2017. She has appeared in Murder in Successville, Plebs, The IT Crowd and most recently, satirical BBC show The Mash Report. She's also a founder member of smash hit improv show Austentatious.
"Frank and funny... tears of laughter" - Guardian
"A gifted performer" - Times
"Brutally funny" - Skinny
"Absolute genius - I was in tears" - I Talk Telly
"Brings to mind the late Victoria Wood" - Whats On London
Tickets £10
Thu 5 Apr20:00

Markus Birdman - Grimm Realities - Bath Comedy Festival

Growing up, my preacherman father made me draw Bible stories. I don't remember the stories, but I draw great.
The 5 Star Edinburgh Fringe sell-out show, nominated for Amused Moose Best Show Award, from the NZ Comedy Guild Best international Comedian Award Nominee.
A modern day comedic and visual take on those Grimm's classics, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. A reality tale for the 21st century. A children's fable for adults.
My previous shows had short jokes, and tall stories. I thought it was high time to combine these with my drawings. Especially since Rolf Harris left a gap in the market.
"Birdman's show is a triumph. Grimm Realities deals with coming to terms with his daughter growing up, with a mixture of comical perspectives and re-imagined fairy tales. Not so filthy that it's crass, but filthy and clever enough to warrant constant laughter from the audience." ***** Edinburgh Reporter
"Probably the most absorbing show I have seen. Completely spellbinding." **** Chortle
"Meditative but not mournful, he makes us feel part of his story. Hugely enjoyable and lots of ruddy good gags." **** Scotsman
Tickets £10
Thu 5 Apr21:30

Diane Spencer - 2018 Collection

Brand new stand-up comedy hour from delightfully engaging stand-up comedian Diane Spencer.
With her charming onstage persona and refreshingly honest confessional style, Diane delivers heart-warming autobiographical wit and laugh-out-loud humour.
Her other 7 hit shows are all available on YouTube.
"Not for the faint-hearted but also not to be missed" 5 stars ThreeWeeks
"Artists use paint to depict their work, Ms Spencer uses well-crafted words and stories to illustrate her art, words that ensured her set was full of genuine laugh out loud moments.” 4 stars One4Review
"Personable, ballsy and hilarious" 4 stars BroadwayBaby
Wed 11 Apr18:30

Archie Maddocks - Matchstick - Bath Comedy Festival

Award winning comedian Archie Maddocks presents an hour of biting, provocative, unflinchingly funny comedy where he explores his deepest and darkest thoughts, exposes his flaws and interrogates his personal connection to the Grenfell Tower fire.
Fresh from a stint in the BBC Writers room, having previously toured South Africa and Europe, this "supercool, super smart storyteller" (Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke and Evening Standard) hilariously explores life, love and loss with a candid authenticity, marking him out as a "real highlight" (BBC).
Tickets £5
Wed 11 Apr20:00

Matt Green - These People - Bath Comedy Festival

Matt has been doing stand up for 15 years and he's got pretty good at it. Come and hear his latest thoughts about the current state of the world. Spoiler alert: he's not keen.
Featuring applying for an Irish passport, going viral with JK Rowling and trying not to argue about Brexit.
Preview show.
"Really funny" **** Scotsman
"Why someone as funny as this isn't doing the Apollo, or having a Radio Four series of his own, is a bit of a mystery. Maybe one day. Let's hope so." **** Theatre Bath
Tickets £7.50
Wed 11 Apr21:30

Sam Carrington - All Grown Up - Bath Comedy Festival

Sam Carrington turned 40 last year, join as he contemplates this milestone by working out where he's been, where he's going, and if his cheese-based drink will ever take off.
"Has a career mapped out in stand up comedy! **** The Mirror
Tickets £5
Thu 12 Apr18:30

Sam Fraser - Stand Up, Weather Girl!

Sam Fraser has been a stand-by BBC local weather presenter since 2012. It's been a steep learning curve.
Having been distracted by online comments about her bottom, she wonders can you be a full time feminist and a part time weather girl?
Tickets £5
Thu 12 Apr20:00

Colin Hoult - Anna Mann in How We Stop The Fascists - Bath Comedy Festival

Having effectively cured all depression in last year's smash-hit hour, actress Anna Mann (Colin Hoult's "master class in character comedy" - Time Out) returns to take on the terrifying rise of fascism. Fear not, gentle liberals, Mother Mann is here.
Star of her very own Sky Arts Short, 'Anna Mann's Valentine'. As seen in Murder in Successville, Porridge, Derek, Nurse, Life's Too Short, and Being Human.
Directed by Phoebe Bourke for Berk's Nest.
"Funnier than almost all other shows at this year's Fringe." **** Telegraph
"As Anna would lovingly say - 'oh f*ck off that's good'." ***** ThreeWeeks
"Utterly uniqe, painfully hilarious and an absolute must-see." ***** Shortcut
"Endlessly entertaining… warm, life-affirming and above all else, very funny. One that everyone will love." ***** The New European
"A hugely enjoyable, slyly satirical hour." **** Times
"Beautifully written stuff." **** Scotsman
"Dazzlingly silly… will keep you giggling far down the road from the venue." **** Fest
"Genuinely side splitting… an extremely entertaining hour." **** Ed Fest Mag
"He's just so good as Anna… A vivid, vibrant creation, incredibly funny." **** Wee Review
"His most joyful effort to date… Deliciously funny." **** Times
"You don't know where the next laugh will come from, but it'll be coming soon… smart, absurd and unpredictable." **** Chortle
"Unique and darkly brilliant talent." **** Guardian
"Sheer comic gold." **** Metro
"Master class in character comedy." **** Time Out
"Joyously inventive." **** Scotsman
"More than a little Spike Milligan about him." Exeunt Magazine
Tickets £9/£7